New love made to last

Starting a relationship is exciting. At this point, it’s easy to imagine that these feelings will last forever. Once the initial attraction fades and you settle into your relationship, you and your partner must work to keep things going. Maintaining good communication, finding time for romance, and committing to each other are some of the things you can do to ensure the longevity of a romantic relationship.  

Read on to discover 3 tips on how to make a new relationship last.

1.Do not idealize your partner

When starting a relationship, many peopleidealize their partners, attributing to them various traits that they find desirable instead of focusing on the real person and their real qualities and flaws. This can be harmful. The best way to build a strong foundation for your new relationship is to remove your rose-colored glasses and seek to understand your partner in all their human complexity.

2.Invest in self-awareness

Relationships are challenging because there are so many strong emotions involved. Disagreements, misunderstandings, and compromises are inevitable. To make your new relationship last, you need to prepare yourself to face all the challenges that lie ahead. And a great way to prepare is to invest in self-awareness. What does this mean? Possessing self-knowledge means being able to answer the question: “What am I like?” 

Understanding your behaviors, thought patterns and all the characteristics that make you a unique person will help you easily overcome any relationship challenge.  

A great way to improve your self-awareness is to examine your past romantic experiences. What went wrong? What made you happy? What made you keep going? To learn more, take the MBTI test and find out your personality type. Are you an INTJ? This page aboutINTJ in relationshipsit can help you gain new respect in your romantic life, and not only.

Discovering your personality type and that of your partner can be an enlightening exercise.

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3.Discuss red flags instead of ignoring them

When you’re in love, you can discardred flagsinstinctively because you don’t want to jeopardize your new relationship and suffer another disappointment. However, ignoring the red flags will only delay the inevitable breakout. Seeing the best in a person is a great quality, but if you hope to build along term healthy relationship, you must be realistic and watch out for red flags. 

If ignoring red flags is harmful, what is the alternative? The best general approach is to discuss the things that bother you right away. When you notice behavior that you would consider a red flag, talk to your partner. Communication can go a long way. If your partner is involved in this relationship, they will not repeat the behavior that annoys or offends you.  

Discussing red flags and keeping communication open is the most effective way to avoid future conflict and disappointment and ensure your relationship remains strong.

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