An Up Close Look at the Already Sold Out Louis Vuitton Lipstick Case

I used to spend a lot of time exploring my mom’s bags, finding my favorite items and putting some of my own for her to carry. One of my favorite items that I loved from both my mother’s and my grandmother’s handbags were her lipstick cases. Although simple, I loved taking her lipstick out of it and discovering what other little items of mine could fit inside it. A googly eye, a piece of jewelry, a stone from outside, my Barbie’s sunglasses and one of her roller skates were constantly getting into her little cases.

Fast forward to today, where the new lipstick case on every fashion lover’s mind is from Louis Vuitton. The incredibly talked-about and already sold-out Louis Vuitton Lipstick Case was inspired by the delicate makeup cases of the 1920s. Louis Vuitton designed it as a mini cylinder that can be worn as a necklace (I couldn’t pull it off, but I accept the idea someone else does), a crossover accessory (to really show that less is more), or embellished. to a bigger bag.

The outer cylinder is covered in classic Monogram canvas with a small padlock closure on the trunk. The gold-tone metal chain is long enough to be worn in a variety of ways, and the top of the case features an engraved LV circle. Available in both the classic monogram colorway and monogram reverse canvas with silver-tone hardware and chain, this mini item quickly became one of the most talked about Louis Vuitton pieces upon its release. The price is $1,390.

We wanted to see what else would fit inside the case, besides the obvious lipstick. If you get crafty and think small, you can make this case work for you. Cash is a no-brainer, a small gift or two will fit inside too, and other small beauty items. Coins? Of course. A skinny key? Yes. A handful of gummy bears? hmm and yes The mini possibilities are endless, but if you want to use the case as intended, a classic lipstick will also fit the bill.