Celebrities and their Celine Luggage Bags: A Retrospective

The frenzy forCeline Luggage Bagit’s been at a fever pitch for seasons, and somehow shows no sign of abating. The bag’s visual appeal is so infectious, in fact, that she jumped from the fashion world straight to Hollywood. Not every It Bag translates well to people outside of the industry, but Celine has found a way to catch lightning in a bottle.AllHe has one of these bags.

And when we say everyone, we mean it. Everyone from serious actresses to the Kardashians to pop stars to models (especially models) has a bit of Celine in their closet, and after careful research, here’s what we’ve learned: Celebrities like their Celinge luggage bags. Whether they’re all or mostly black, they’re carried pretty much 24/7, and the original design usually wins out over the Celine Nano crossbody luggage and the massive Celine Phantom luggage. For a full review of our findings, follow us after the jump.

Let’s start with the basics: the black leather Celine luggage tote was by far the most popular choice in Hollywood, and is a perfect choice for a busy mom likeJennifer Garner– neutral, spacious, totally versatile.

At the complete opposite end of the style spectrum, the tweened starAshley Tisdaleit looks just as natural with her black bag.

Somewhere between Jennifer and Ashley fallsNicky Hilton, whose black luggage bag is looking a little worse for wear.

Not happy with normal leather,Kourtney KardashianThe Celine luggage handbag is python.

And then there are the black leather onesCeline Nano Luggage BagsEmma Robertsshe is a big fan…

…as isRihanna.

How about some black Celine Phantom luggage bags? We think thatKim KardashianThe embrace of this croc-embossed version is Kanye-influenced.

It turns out that Kim and the angel of Victoria’s SecretAlessandra AmbrosioThey are the Celine twins.

FergieCeline’s black Celine Phantom, however, does not have the crocodile texture.

Finally, some color! And that color is…beige.Leighton MeesterThe two-tone luggage tote bag is both dreamy and GIANT.

ModelBar Rafaeliopt for a similar color scheme in a more tote-like size.

Nicole RichieInstead, she prefers her tote with a slight touch of beige.

Jessica Simpson, on the other hand, she prefers just a little bit of black in the neutral tricolor version of her.

If you’ve seen her work with photographer Terry Richardson, it should come as no surprise that the modelKate Uptonshe prefers her luggage bag a little wilder, this time, with a leopard insert.

However, black is not the only way to be neutral:Kim Kardashianhe’s precariously pushing her ice cream closer to this dainty beige suede Celine Phantom luggage.

british wonderRosie Huntington-Whiteley, on the other hand,she is the rare celebrity who prefers the wide gussets of her Celine Phantom luggage.

Speaking of weirdness, check outNaomi CampbellThe Neon Pink Celine Luggage Bag: These babies sold out as soon as pictures of the season’s trailers hit the internet, long before it ever graced a shelf.

Yellow is also pretty hard to come by, but you wouldn’t know that from the fact that WAG footballColleen Rooneyhe uses his as a common pool bag.

Brooklyn DeckerShe’s got the blues, the blue luggage bag, that’s it.

Meanwhile,Leslie Mannshe chose a green Celine Nano luggage.

Carey Mulliganshe should really look happier as she carries a beautiful tan suede and leather luggage bag.

Dakota FanningThe Celine luggage bag choice may be the most daring of all: she wouldn’t buy a bag this pristine white and anywhere near…anything. She would carry it in a large plastic bag. Transparent, of course.