Celine Bags Spring 2013

First, a note on semantics. Most brands call their four big collections of the year Resort, Spring, Pre-Fall, and Fall, in order of debut. Celine, always marching to the beat of her own drummer, prefers to go with Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, in order of debut. Logically, not only does that fit with Celine’s penchant for well-considered minimalism, but it just makessense. However, in the context of the fashion industry, it can be a bit confusing. So while these areCeline Bags Spring 2013, she remembers that it is actually a resort collection.

That being said, there is a lot of cool stuff going on here. There are beautiful multi-textured luggage bags and A-piece bags, of course, but there’s also the debut ofCeline Edge Bag, a moderately structured, eye-catching shoulder bag in a mix of black leather and red-orange calf hair. My favorite of the collection, however, may be theCeline All Soft Shoulder Bag, a bum take on Celine Cabas with a fold-over clasp that lends itself well to the brand’s signature mix of bright and neutral color-blocking. The emphasis on shoulder bags in general is interesting and could indicate a broader industry trend towards such shapes. Check out the full lookbook after the jump.