Chloe Moretz attends Dior Haute Couture wearing a Dior runway bag

Tween stars! They become teen stars so fast. Here is the 15 year oldChloe Moretz, looking all kinds of adorable in Paris on her way to the Dior Haute Couture show. He wears what we have calledDior Spring 2013 Tote Bag(his formal name for him has yet to be announced). For a 15-year-old actress to have this bag is somewhat enviable: it’s one of the first original bag designs that Raf Simons introduced at his Dior Spring 2013 show last fall. As always, Dior bags can’t be bought online, and we’re guessing it’ll sell out fast when it hits the boutiques, so good luck finding it. Unless they’re best friends with Chloe Moretz.

I don’t want to sound weird here, but I’ve loved little Chloe ever since I saw the movieKick ass, and it’s been fun watching the best child actor in the business grow up. She is already a tall model, extremely elegant and on the guest lists of the Dior shows. I have a feeling we’ll be stuck with Chloe and her good fashion sense for many years to come.