Dior collaborates with artist Anselm Reyle for limited-edition accessories

Images via WWD

Women’s clothing for day to dayhas announced that Christian Dior will partner with Berlin contemporary art starAnselmo Reylefor a line of accessories, bags and makeup just in time for Art Basel in Miami. I’m pretty sure it cost me a hundred bucks just to write that sentence. In all seriousness though, perhaps Reyle’s thoroughly modern take on these bags and little leather goods is an indication that LVMH has stopped being so precious with the Dior aesthetic?

I’ve complained about how stagnant Dior’s bags are several times in the past, and it seems like most of you agree that the company could go in a new direction and try something more modern. Dior is a huge and venerable brand, after all, and to ignore the opportunity to cash in on that history through lusty bags isnota very LVMH thing to do. Dior might be selling handbags lavishly, but for the past half-decade or so, the powerful have more or less completely rejected the opportunity.

This artist collaboration, the first of its kind for Dior, feels like a step in the right direction for a brand that hasn’t tried to make any kind of serious bag statement since gaucho bags in the mid-2000s. you have to look beyond the confines of LVMH to see what pop art can do to invigorate a bag line: Haruki Murakami and Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton, anyone?

However, even more than that, Louis Vuitton has grown so much under the guidance of Marc Jacobs because he has been willing and able to burn a portion of the company’s heritage and build it anew. He eschewed the stuffiness but left the brand’s iconic imagery intact, and Dior would do well to try to follow his lead. Based on Lady Dior’s matte and metallic gold versions with quilted slanted cannage, LVMH may be ready to take the necessary steps.

The bags will debut in an Art Basel pop-up store in early December and will then ship to select Dior boutiques around the world in January. Prices will start at around $270 for one of the pictured bracelets and go up to around $4000 for a metallic Lady Dior bag, based on current exchange rates.