Fashion Week Bags: Christian Dior Spring 2011

I can’t remember the last time I was excited for a Dior bag collection, but ladies (and gents), I’mexcitedaboutChristian Dior Spring 2011. Maybe it’s because John Galliano stepped away from the patrician well that had been exploding for the last year or two, or maybe it’s just the residual effect of looking at so many bright colors over the past week, but it seems to me that Dior has finally turned the page. to the bland and predictable bags we’ve seen from the Parisian firm in recent seasons.

Spring 2011 bags mark a return to the exuberance and spirit that had been missing of late, and Galliano managed to put even unchanged Lady Dior leather bags into a new context with this flowery, tropical collection. Multicolored fringed crossbody bags may not be a huge hit with traditional Dior patrons, but the look found its sweet spot in colorful and moody takes on old favorites like the Dior 3D and the aforementioned Lady Diors. If this collection is any indication of the future, bag lovers have a lot to look forward to.

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