Fashion Week Bags: Dior Fall 2011

It’s been an unsettling and sad week at the Christian Dior offices. Creative director John Galliano was arrested at a French cafe on a variety of charges, including anti-Semitism, for which he was quickly suspended from his Dior duties. Once video of a second neo-Nazi public tirade surfaced, his ouster from the brand was just as decisive. of GallianoChristian Dior Fall 2011The collection became an awkward, impromptu swan song, and dark, moody lighting that might have looked great under different circumstances looked bleak at the Rodin Museum in Paris.

However, Galliano probably had little to do with the bags in the collection, and that’s what we’re here to discuss. At a house as large as Dior, accessories and shoes are largely handled by a separate department, and while the head designer has creative input in their development, they are the product of the work of a group of people who work largely in the dark. And that’s what this Dior show did exceptionally well: In the end, the brand honored the people behind the scenes whose livelihoods and careers were thrown into turmoil by Galliano’s dastardly words. If this gorgeous, luxurious bag is any indication, they were doing an excellent job on a very troublesome man.

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