Fill in the blank: the Prada Madras evening bag is…

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m so in love with a Prada bag that doesn’t seem like there’s much point in adding to my collection, but I feel like I can dream about it…often. Over the weekend, the annual Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Party took place in New York, and while I missed the chance to drop by, I kept a close eye on footage of friends who took part in this weekend. 1920s-themed weekend. If I were there, thisPrada Madras evening bagit is precisely what I would so desperately want to take with me.

And as much as I love this bag, I really want to hear what you all think. Before you click after the jump to hear more of my thoughts, be sure to share your thoughts.

Fill in the blank: ThePrada Madras evening bagis ________________.

The vintage feel of the bag comes from the shape of the clutch along with the metallic multicolor braided leather. I was immediately struck by the top frame and the monkey shaped zipper closure. It’s the ideal whimsical touch without being cheesy and honestly, I really want this bag. I run into a problem when it comes to price, but alas, that is the world of designer handbags. Most importantly, this bag is different in every way from what is being sold, it will stand out, and while it works for 2012, it could easily have passed for a bag worn in the 1920s. $2,210 through Neiman Marcus.