Fortunately, not all Prada Fall 2011 is furry.

We’ve already explored a bit more, huh,touchelements ofPrada Fall 2011But what about the everyday bags that the brand does so well, year after year? Too many pre-orders have sprung up on the internet for us to feature them all, but here’s a selection of four bags in different styles and leathers that we highly recommend buying in the coming months.

Prada Madras bag, $2895 through Neiman Marcus

Fall 2011 is all about maximalist texture, and nothing made that case more compelling than layers upon layers at the Prada show. The Madaras line didn’t make it to the runway, but the tightly woven two-tone leather is a continuation of that idea that can be worn every day, unlike most runway bags.

Prada Glace Coated Calf East-West Satchel, $1450 through Neiman Marcus

I get a little tingles every time Prada wears a faded leather; Miuccia does them like nobody else. Throwing in a transition from ivory to gray in a traditional shape makes this design part statement bag, part functional accessory.

Prada Saffiano Righe bag, $1495 through Neiman Marcus

I admire the contrasting color stripes on the luggage in the Prada Fifth Avenue window every time I walk past it, and while I’m more of a fan of the orange and green you can see there, this subtle crossbody version goes a long way. neutral translation of the style.

Prada City Calf Framed Tote Bag, $1695 through Neiman Marcus

This is a design that requires no explanation. Prada is known for minimalist perfection translated into everyday accessories, and this bag is immaculate in its modernity. It hardly gets better than this when it comes to a simple day bag.