How much would you pay for a Celine Canvas Phantom luggage bag?

From time to time, we talk about non-leather bags and what a scam I think they tend to be. You know the drill: A brand makes a basic bag out of basic fabric, then charges an arm and a leg for it based on the strength of their other designs. The theory is that because their other bags are fancy, they can convince everyone that some cotton or linen bag is fancy too. Don’t be fooled: those cotton and linen bags are usually nothing to write home about, and they’re not a good investment for your bag.

I’ve always felt safe with this theory, but then a bag like theCeline Phantom Luggage BagThe beige and olive green canvas (pictured after the jump) pops out and makes me reevaluate my own hangups about the material and the bags made from it. We’re big Celine lovers around here, so naturally this bag gave me a bit of pause. Let’s talk price after the jump.

As far as cotton canvas bags go, this one is kind of sparkly, right? Most brands that try to work leatherless voodoo on their customers do so with bags that are either boring or unbelievably plain; Redoing its bestseller and all its signature details in the material is a design distinction worth mentioning. The price is also worth noting: $1550, which is, in fact, quite a bit of money for any duffel bag, even if it’s trimmed with leather and even if it was sewn by Celine’s surely magical elves.

Still, I can’t help but be intrigued. Celine prices are notoriously hard to pin down, but my research indicates that a leather version of this bag would cost at least $2600, if not more. With that in mind, the $1550 price tag represents a huge price difference, even if it’s still objectively high. At the very least, Celine has enough respect for her customers to know that they won’t accept an inferior product for $200 off.

I could see buying this bag if I were lavishly rich and could have my dream wardrobe of bags; It would be fun to display around the country club for a season or two, but if longevity is what you’re after (not to mention a bag that will better resist stains and color transfers), I’d still suggest a regular bag or Phantom Luggage in a medium or dark neutral. Save the money, it will pay off in the long run. What you say?

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