Introducing the Celine All Soft Shoulder Bag

I’ve been looking at theCeline All Soft Shoulder Bagsince Celine Spring 2013 hit the internet (for Celine newbies, the brand calls its resort collection “spring” and its spring collection “summer”), and now that the line is launching in Celine boutiques on Thursday (along with the rest of the spring), it seemed appropriate to take a closer look at what makes the bag so appealing. Besides the fact that it’s Celine, of course.

In my opinion, Celine makes two categories of bags: Celine Bags and Celine It Bags. You can probably guess which ones fall into the latter category: the luggage bags and trapezoids of the world, which are highly recognizable and intended to not only generate dynamic sales, but also increase the brand’s public profile among those who might not be around. in the market. for Big Bird furry bombs. For a brand like Celine, those bags are the quickest route to profitability, and creative director Phoebe Philo is an expert at making sure those pieces are in place in whatever company she’s running.

The other bags are a bit more ordinary; simpler, with cleaner lines, less noticeable to someone passing by on the street. The All Soft, with its DNA borrowed from the highly successful Celine Cabas Tote, is firmly part of this second group, and to me, that’s part of its appeal. With these thoughtful color configurations, the bag can be worn with just about anything, and the lack of serious structure means it’s likely to be very light and easy to carry. I’ll have to wait and see it in person to be sure though; According to the staff at the Celine Madison Avenue boutique, the bag will retail for around $2,000 when it opens Thursday: the leather versions a bit lower, the leather and suede versions a bit higher. The associate I spoke to refused to give me exact numbers before launch.