Irina Shayk wears a simple Celine bag in New York

Irina Shayk(Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, usually a beautiful person and girlfriend of professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo) was recently spotted in New York wearing an elegant emerald green dressCabas Tote Bag with Celine Horizontal Zipand making a ball with what appears to be herLouis Vuitton Monogram Chiffon Shawl. If you’ve never come across this particular bag before and are puzzled by the existence of a designer bag with corner zippers, let me reassure you: zippers open to reveal the bag’s gussets, not the inside of the bag.

Celine bags are of course not sold online and sadly that shawl is sold out on the Louis Vuitton website so you’ll have to head to the nearest Celine and LV boutiques to make these gifties yours. designer. (If she does, be sure to brag about it on PurseForum!)