Louis Vuitton bets big on mini bags for fall 2019

For bag lovers, the Louis Vuitton show is one of the most anticipated of Paris Fashion Week. Unlike many other design houses on display at PFW, Louis Vuitton is unique in that the brand started out as a bag and travel company and then introduced itself to RTW, not the other way around. The construction of Vuitton’s bags is unparalleled, and Vuitton’s rich history, coupled with designer Nicolas Ghesquiere’s artistic vision, makes the collection highly anticipated season after season.

Although a few monogrammed bags could be seen, the collection as a whole wasn’t entirely monogram-heavy, however it was full of mini bags. Ghesquiere introduced new iterations of the BB Bag Mini Luggage, which debuted on the Spring-Summer 2019 runway. These new designs are a play on Vuitton’s traditional Damier canvas and feature a bold color-block design. Exotics were also in play here, with a stunning burgundy crocodile making an appearance at the Petite Malle and a bucket bag. Small quilted versions of the Twist bag were also on view, as well as a very wearable little saddlebag, resembling the Chantilly Lock bag. Check out all the bags from the runway below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]