Paris Haute Couture Week: Christian Dior

I hate to say it, but John Galliano’s haute couture collections for Christian Dior have been a bit repetitive in recent seasons. The clothes have always been suitably beautiful and ornate, of course, but I left the latest collection not knowing if I had seen anything particularly interesting or memorable.Good. That certainly wasn’t a problem I had withChristian Dior Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2010.

Maybe it’s a result of the collection’s clear inspiration, but these utterly gorgeous and perfect flower-themed dresses won’t be leaving my head anytime soon. The collection is lush, vibrant and bold, while maintaining an obvious femininity and softness, which is a combination of characteristics that makes it absolutely modern romantic wear. Haute couture may be out of reach for almost everyone, but we expect this aesthetic to quickly seep into the fashion rankings for the rest of us. The best looks, after the jump.

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