Prada’s Latest Line of Bag Hacks Is Absolutely Adorable

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Guys, it’s Friday. May I repeat for everyone who is glassy in front of the computer at work: IT’S FRIDAY. So it’s time to have some fun, okay? Today, I’d like to do just that with these images from our friends at of the latest and greatestPrada Tricks, which is what the company calls its absolutely adorable bag charms, which are often ursine in nature (fancy word for bears, y’all. I haven’t worn that since SATs).

Fashionista scanned these images from the new Prada Gifts lookbook, so they’re a little weird, but these little guys and gals are totally awesome nonetheless. From a thinly veiled rendition of Axl Rose to bears dressed as crystal-encrusted robots, these are the kind of whimsical and silly little things that actuallywould beI hang from my bag with great joy. Fashionista estimates they’ll cost around $150 and we’ll update you when they’re available. Check out the rest of the Cheats in the gallery after the jump.

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