Prada’s Resort 2012 Ads Have Bags Galore

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Bag lovers often get the hub on the runway, but when it’s time to move some product and keep the company in the black (advertising season ie), brands areall aboutgiving us lots of pretty images of exactly what we want to see. If you need to be convinced of that fact, just take a look at Prada’s new Resort 2012 ads from the lovely ladies at

The shots, featuring model Lea Seydoux, sometimes show literally more claws than a person can hold. There’s plenty of variety among handbags, too: shiny exotics, ruched leather flap bags, jeweled clutches. If you don’t look closely, you might miss a big piece, but don’t stop at the bags. Prada’s new jewelry line, due to launch next month, is also heavily represented. And those are a couple of Prada Bear Bag tricks I see? More photos and a behind-the-scenes video after the jump.