PurseBlog asks: Do you prefer your Celine dressy or casual?

Phoebe Philo is a force to be reckoned with in the world of accessories. Philo was at Chloe when the brand was driving the world crazy with the ubiquitous Paddington and Silverado bags, and now she’s at Celine, making fashionistas everywhere lose their minds with clutches, vintage bags and handbags. trapezoids She may not design the bags herself, but Philo has a way of bringing out the best in her accessories staff and grabbing the attention of bag lovers everywhere. Wherever you go, big bags follow.

Now that Celine sits comfortably at the top of the accessories industry as the brand to watch, what does it say about a woman wearing one of her bags? What kind of message does she convey and, in turn, how do we view bags as items in our wardrobe? The more celebrities put their weight behind Celine bags, the more publicly dissectable examples we have. Today we are going to look at the divergent styles ofLucia LiuandRashida Jonesto get her opinions on her preferred way of carrying Celine.

Lucy Liu with Celine Trapeze Satchel

The best of Philo’s work at Celine has a lean, minimalist bent, which lends itself extremely well to a tailored, sleek aesthetic. TheCeline Trapeze Bag, early functional issues of it mostly resolved, looks like that, plus open braces to match thatotherIt Bag, theCeline Luggage Bag. While I don’t love Ms. Liu’s tones in this photo, her multi-textured Trapeze Bag pairs quite well with her modern take on a coat for a luxe, grown-up public look.

Rashida Jones with Celine Nano luggage bag:

On the other hand, Celine’s overwhelming popularity has seen her expand her extremely profitable line of accessories in unexpected ways, namely the addition ofCeline Nano Luggage Bag, the brand’s most casual bag and a hugely popular choice among off-duty models and celebrities.Rashida Jones, for example, she paired hers with another off-duty staple, theIsabel Marant Bekket Sneaker Wedges. This bag doesn’t have the same stately feel as the original luggage bags, and the diminutive size and crossbody strap give it a casual touch that makes it easier to wear with jeans and sneakers (albeit extremely trendy and expensive) than the standard bag. Size.

So, what do you say?