Say hello to the Celine Trapeze bag

He was sure he had written specifically about theCeline Trapezoid Bagon PurseBlog, but I haven’t. It seems like I spend time writing posts in my head and they never make it to my virtual paper. The Celine Trapeze followed the endless hype of the Celine luggage bag and has only helped pick up speed (along with the rest of the Celine train) ever since.

Let’s break down the Celine Trapeze and see what everyone is talking about (and believe me, the fuss is worth it). While the luggage bag became recognizable for its face-shaped front, the Trapeze is known for its clean, sleek lines and extra-wide gusseted sides. The flap front adds dimensionality, and in some of my favorite interpretations of the Trapeze, multiple colors and materials are used to bring this bag to life. The top handle has ample room to carry it on your arm, and while you could sling it over your shoulder, most just carry it in your hand or at the crossroads of your arm.

The most important aspect to highlight is the beauty in the simplicity of the design. Many bags have additions that distract from the original lines and style, but the Trapeze doesn’t need anything else. Pricing for the Celine Trapeze starts at $2,300, inquire through Kirna Zabete.