Soft Yellow: Celine Nano in Citron

It was one of those weekends where Mother Nature offered absolutely beautiful weather and I stayed indoors most of the time in bed feeling sick. I was constantly checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see how everyone else was enjoying their weekend and felt a little sorry for myself. That’s when I decided to turn my sick weekend into a tropical stay.

I went into my closet and pulled out my covetedCeline Nano in Citronand I went to the kitchen and mixed up a fresh pina colada. This combo photographed so unbelievably well, and if I tried really hard, I’d imagine being somewhere else (and feeling better).

The Celine obsession hasn’t died down; in fact, it continues to grow. The Nano Luggage is the ultimate must-have due to its now recognizable style, which combined with the smaller size makes it easy to sling across the body and carry on the go. Many went crazy for the hot pink Nano for Spring 2012, but I decided Citron was the color that would work for me. Like all my other Celine bags, I bought this Kirna Zabete bag.