Stay Stylish With This Cap Style Guide

You would be surprised how wearing a cap can instantly enhance your overall outfit. With the right tips for styling a cap, you can make your outfit look complete, edgier, relaxed, and sophisticated. Also, this is a great solution if you’re having a bad hair day and don’t have hours to fix it.

Wearing a cap can be fun. However, it can be quite difficult to combine them with outfits. Not every hat will look great with every outfit, especially if you wear a unique style. To help you with this challenge, below are some guides to designing a cap that you might want to try.

9 chic tips to style a cap

Select a topic

Before you pick any cute cap off the shelf, you want to make sure it matches the theme and mood you want for the day. For example, go withembroidered trucker hatsIt will be great if your goal is to achieve a fun and relaxed look. Alternatively, you can buy caps with a sports logo if you want to look active. If you’re going for a formal look, some hats are made entirely of leather, which can help you achieve that look. You can also opt for a simple cap if you want it to be universal.

Choose the right color

Choosing the right color plays a very important role when wearing a cap. Helps set the tone and mood of the look you’re going for. It will be good to match your cap with the color gradient of your whole outfit and avoid making it too flashy. Going color coordinated helps your whole outfit look well put together as the pieces blend seamlessly with each other. However, if you want your cap to stand out, consider wearing simple clothing.  

Bet on a sporty look

Wearing a cap can always help convey a sporty vibe, especially if you’re wearing the logo of a popular sports brand. You can combine it with a jersey-type jacket, leggings and a pair of sports shoes. You can also wear a sports brand shirt and combine it with jean shorts or leggings. This should help your outfit look fashionable but athletic at the same time. For a completely sporty look, try wearing a full yoga suit and a hooded jacket, which should instantly match your sports cap.

styling a cap - sporty look

Combine with a dress

Sometimes mixing the sexy with the casual can be fun. It will make your outfit interesting and attractive at the same time. To make this happen while wearing a cap, consider putting on a fitted dress. Don’t worry, as this doesn’t have to be too formal. It can be a dress made of cotton or knit, and it should help to shape your figure. Throwing on a cap can help tone down the sexiness while also adding incredible appeal to your outfit. Depending on your mood and the way you dress, you can wear a pair of white sneakers or heels to complete the look. 

Combine it with sneakers

If you wear a cap, sneakers are the best shoes with which you can combine it. They definitely go well together, giving off a sporty and sophisticated vibe. If you can match the colors of your cap and shoes,the resulting look will be even better.

Going for plain white sneakers would always be a great idea as they look amazing with any hat or outfit you pair them with. This makes them a great staple piece in your wardrobe in addition to your caps.  

Egoist Mirror by Koket

Add Nifty Sunglasses 

You’ve probably seen a lot of people in caps, but adding a pair of sunglasses to the look can help keep it relaxed yet intriguing. There is something about the combination of sunglasses and hats that makes the resulting outfit look so fashionable.

It will help if you wear sunglasses that cover much of your eye area, letting the rest of your outfit speak for itself. It will also be nice if you can go for a dark shade for more sophistication.

styling a cap tips with sunglasses

Keep it simple 

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best for your outfit, especially if you pair it with a cap. Since caps can easily enhance your overall outfit, sometimes you don’t have to worry too much about what you wear. These fascinators can easily elevate what you are looking for without too much effort on your part.

Whether your goal is to be simple, fashionable, or sporty, there’s a perfect hat to complete the look. You can let the perfect hat do all the work and keep your whole outfit simple by wearing a simple top. This can be a T-shirt, dress or sweater. It doesn’t need to have any pattern as the matching top can be as simple as can be.  

Wear a cardigan

If you can’t decide what kind of look you’re going for, then wearing the cap with a cardigan would be a safe option. This will be the perfect winter look as you can stay comfortable and warm. In fact, you can wear whatever you want and pair it with a beautiful long cardigan. It will make a great lazy outfit that goes well with your cap on any day. 

Curl your hair 

While wearing a cap would be the perfect solution to a bad hair day, it doesn’t mean you can ignore your hair problems forever. Fortunately, this cap design guide can help you with that, too.

To help elevate your look and style, you may want to consider doing something new, likecurling your hair, especially at the extremes. Doing this will help add volume to your hair and make your outfit look softer and more glamorous. Paired with the right cap, it will be the kind of outfit that combines being relaxed and elegant.


There are so many ways to mix and match your cap with your outfit. When deciding what kind of look and mood you’re going for, keep in mind all the creative tips shared in this cap design guide. These suggested outfits and styles will help complete your look and make you feel comfortable and confident.

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