This Prada bag appears to be festooned with candy.

While shopping at Walgreens today, I felt an intense sense of happiness from all the Easter candy. Actually, any holiday-themed candy makes me dizzy. I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but I always love the tree, heart, and egg shapes the most. I guess she is my inner child.

Just as I laid my eyes on thePrada Satin Pietre Walletat Turchese, my mind immediately went to candy (the Jelly Bean variety or Cadbury Mini Eggs). Do you see that too?

Clearly my mind is on sweets, I have a sweet tooth. But if I focus on this bag and try not to think about candy, I can see a very interesting stone and crystal embellishment all over the outside of this turquoise satin bag.

The ornaments are interesting to say the least. I like a clutch that will draw a lot of attention and this Prada bag does that without being too obnoxious. The dimensions aren’t that roomy, just 3″H x 7″W x 1″D. Buy it through Neiman Marcus for $2,100.

What do you think of this clutch?