A Closer Look at Louis Vuitton’s Cannes Bag

In August, Louis Vuitton launched a new bucket bag for fall 2018 and it was an immediate hit. The bag quickly sold out on the Louis Vuitton website, and after getting to wear it myself for a recent shoot, I’m not surprised at all. Not only is it eye-catching – I received a lot of compliments the day I picked it up – but it actually packs a little more than you’d think. For a mini bag, it has a lot of space and is actually quite functional. You can quote me on this: Between the minis I own and all the ones I’ve had the chance to wear thanks to working here at PurseBlog, I’ve had a lot of minis on my hands.

The Louis Vuitton Cannes Bag is an updated version of Vuitton’s Cannes Beauty Case, and while with its classic details, the bag exudes a vintage vibe, it remains relevant to today’s ever-popular bucket bags. There are many details on this bag that I love, but what I love most of all is the look of the bag as a whole. Louis Vuitton does elegance like no other, and this bag is just that; however, it also works alongside a more casual daytime look. I love the structured shape of this bag, and while it definitely belongs to the bucket bag family, its construction makes it different from most bucket bags out there. It’s much sturdier and also a bit more functional than most, which are often flimsier with a drawstring closure. I like that Cannes has a zippered top closure, which keeps your belongings super secure. One downside to this bag’s zipper is that getting things in and out while on the go is a bit difficult. You need to make sure you have one hand on the bottom of the bag so it doesn’t open once you open it, if you’re just grabbing the top handle. If so, you will spill the contents of your bag on the street.

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The Cannes bag can be carried in different ways. You can carry it strictly via the top handle, either in the crook of your arm or in your hand, and if I were to wear it to an event, I would definitely wear it this way, without the longer strap. For a daytime look, or if you’re wearing it at night in a busier venue, this bag is best worn over the shoulder or crossbody with the longer strap attached. Inside, the bag is lined in microfiber and has no interior pockets. The overall dimensions of this mini-but-mighty bucket bag are 6″L x 7″H x 6″W, and I was able to fit my iPhone X, a Louis Vuitton card case, a small cosmetic bag, a mini notebook, and pen, a protein bar and my sunglasses in a cloth bag. See below how I arranged my stuff with room to spare!

We photographed the Cannes bag in Monogram color block and reverse coated Monogram canvas with leather trim, although the Cannes bag also comes in a really nice Epi leather version,that I recently saw on a fancy girl at my local coffee shop. I love the all-leather version, and I wish Louis Vuitton would listen to me, and please come up with the Epi version in red. I’ll be the first in line!

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