Celine Bags Winter 2012

Most brands have Pre-Fall, which debuts in stores during the historically fashion-free summer months, followed by the full Fall collection, which arrives at the end of summer and features a more robust line of pieces and often , more daring. Celine, on the other hand, does it (as well as pretty much everything else) a little differently. The brand’s pre-collection is called Autumn, while the products that arrive later are called Winter. Therefore, we present to youCeline Bags Winter 2012, which we bet will happily accompany you during the holidays.

These bags just went on sale in advance at Kirna Zabete, among other places, and if you want one of the super chic color-blocked onesCeline luggage bags, the imposing white pythonCeline Phantom Suitcase, the newCeline Cabas Ghost(lined in metallic!) or one of the many (many) other must-haves in the collection, the best thing you can do is be on someone’s bucket list right away. First things first, though: you need to take a look at the collection photos after the jump to decide what you want before you can place any orders.