Celine’s bags Fall 2012

For one of the biggest bag designers in the world right now, concrete information about Celine’s accessory collections can be incredibly hard to find. Prices? Colors? International availability? Everyone’s information is a little different, and after looking at enough blurry cell phone photos of sales associates in boutiques and department stores around the world, you start to get a little cross-eyed. All in search of the world’s largest It Bag.

I spent most of yesterday browsing the internet looking for something a little more concrete, and here’s what I found: the officialCeline Autumn 2012Catalogue. Celine also has a whole winter collection, which we’ll have for you in catalog form soon, but this is the first batch of bags you’ll see in stores after the summer sales. The lookbook doesn’t contain every colorway for every design, but with over 40 photos, it gives you a great idea of ​​what you’ll want to start booking right away.