Dior goes one step further at Resort 2011

Sometimes, in vogue, the phrase “ask and it shall be given you” is true. I’m happy to say that seems to be the case with my recent rant about Dior’s somewhat tedious bag line: Some of the bags from the brand’s recently unveiled Resort 2011 line caught my eye.

For me the highlight of the line is thisBag Dior Resort 2011, which does not yet have an official name or price. Although the design is quite simple, it manages to represent everything a Dior bag should be: it’s feminine, Parisian and obviously designed by Dior.

The padding on this bag is so soft and delicate that I wondered for a moment if my eyes were deceiving me and if the bag wasn’t made of leather. It appears to be lambskin though, and I can only imagine how soft this bag will be when it hits the stores. The beautiful dove gray color only makes it better, and I even somehow like the sparkle of the rhinestone-encrusted handle fittings. As a 24-year-old single girl, I would be happy to carry this bag, but I got to see it in the arms of women from multiple generations. Well done Dior. I hope this means there will be more to come.

Pricing and launch information is not yet available. Photo via Women’s Wear Daily.