Fashion Week Bags: Prada Fall 2012

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This may sound a bit strange, but I’m always impressed with Prada’s dedication to designing extravagant, intellectually rigorous, and thoroughly modern runway collections that won’t sell particularly well to anyone but devotees of slavish fashion. Few companies of a similar size are willing to make things as widely inaccessible asPrada Fall 2012down the runway, and that continued bravery is something that gives me a lot of respect for Miuccia Prada as a creative force.

Whether you like these bags will largely depend on whether or not you find Prada’s trademark retro-modernism charming. I do, so bold ’60s prints and even bigger gemstone embellishments on the trims, minimalist bags were right up my alley. The tiny minaudieres adorned with leather shoulder straps were another bizarre highlight; I don’t think I’ve ever seen bags with that combination of elements, which is saying a lot when you consider that I spend between 40 and 60 hours a week looking at bags. Other gift? Unlike most designers, Miuccia paired every look from this show with a corresponding bag. I wish more brands joined that idea.

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