Fashion Week Bags: Prada Spring 2012

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I have a few favorite days of the year: Christmas, Halloween, the first day of college football, and New Prada Day. Luckily, New Prada Day comes twice a year (or four times, if you count Resort and Pre-Fall, which I do if I’m feeling desperate), and one of those days was yesterday! Naturally, Miuccia did not disappoint –Prada Spring 2012she was playful, feminine, and incredibly intelligent.

Prada bags tend to ground her more whimsical and esoteric collections, and while this was a relatively accessible line that didn’t need as much grounding as seasons past, the bags were still Miuccia classics. Brilliant, structured handbags on a ladylike scale were matched by crocodile clutches with elaborate mid-century hardware reminiscent of the chrome auto accessories of the time. If she prefers to go the extremely literal route, there are also a couple of clutches with leather cars sewn into them. Check out the full gallery after the jump.

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