Friday afternoon snack break: Celine Luggage Tote cookies!

As I mentioned earlier today, we’re proud to say that you can find some great stuff on our PurseForum if you do a little research. The benefits are not limited to what our members can dofindHowever, sometimes what amazes me the most is what a diverse, interesting and talented group we have. From doctors to lawyers to small business owners, our wallet lovers run the gamut and we’re proud to call them part of our community.

Today, however, we’d like to highlight one of our members in particular, who goes by BalenciagaPlaneT. He is from Manhattan and owns his own cookie company, Peapods Cookies, and recently shared a batch of 23Luggage bag Celine biscuitsthat she hand-decorated for a bag-loving client. How adorable are these? Almost too adorable (and true to life: check out the tricolor and leopard options) to eat, but I bet they’ll taste as good as they look (with a tall glass of milk, of course). Check out two more shots of Celine’s cookies after the jump, or you can order all kinds of beautifully decorated treats through Peapods Cookies’ Etsy shop.