Introducing my Celine luggage bag

Photo via StyledOn

When I met the creative director of StyledOnCasey Kettlesonfor lunch in Soho yesterday (go to Cafe Falai, try the burger, thank me later), I knew I would have a great meal and even better company. What I didn’t expect to get was such an amazing photo of my belovedCeline Luggage Bagin the spring of 2011 red lipstick. None of my shots turn out that well because I have yet to master the art of the cell phone photo (I do master Angry Birds though), so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share it with you since I’ve mentioned the bag so often.

Looking for a Celine luggage bag? Good luck…

I waited three months on Kirna Zabete’s list before she arrived in my dream bag in April. These bags are available, but if you want to choose the colors, you have to plan ahead. Later. Most big box retailers will put you on a waiting list and write down your credit card number, but if you want to pay up front and make sure you get what you want, you can contact Kirna Zabete at (212) 941-9656.