Jennifer Garner carries her daughter and a Celine luggage bag

Jennifer Garnershe was photographed in Santa Monica this week carrying her adorable daughter Seraphina on one arm and the ever-stylish blackCeline Luggage Bagin the other one. From the looks of Seraphina’s little feet, it’s very possible that they’re just coming back from a mommy-daughter spa date. More on all the celeb cuteness in a bit, but first, this absolutely vital information: She can get the Celine Luggage Bag in stores for $2400; STILL, as of yet, not available online yet. Which is a farce.

Middle daughter Seraphina recently went out to party with her older sister Violet when Violet celebrated her seventh birthday with friends and family at the Los Angeles Build-A-Bear. (Stars, they’re just like us…) Of course, they were in the company of their father, Ben Affleck (you know, the guy from that movieGood Will Hunting? And a few others …), and his younger brother, Samuel. Many bears were stuffed that day.