Louis Vuitton’s spring 2019 show explored all the different shapes a bag could take

Capsules, cubes, little suitcases, whatever you call it when two cones meet at their large ends to form a closed shape: on their spring 2019 runway show in Paris, Louis Vuitton did some thinking about what exactly a bag should look like, and it arrived. . with some non-intuitive answers, as well as some more obvious ones. It was a forward-thinking approach characteristic of creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, who is among the best in the business at making consumer products that are aesthetically challenging without

My personal favorite bag from the collection was the mini suitcase, which is a smart idea no matter who makes it, but especially when you’re dealing with a legendary travel brand like Vuitton. Bags are essentially small everyday luggage, and making that subtext more apparent is fun without detracting from a bag’s function.

Capsules and cubes are likely to be less functional experiences for the people who carry them, but personally, I was excited to see a collection of bags whose main idea was not “let’s put the first letter of our brand name on things and see how people like it.” .” Logos are big business right now, and Louis Vuitton’s is a bigger business than all the others, but this collection reaffirmed that it’s not the only idea the brand has.

In more mainstream news, the collection also featured some good regular bags, including structured medical bags, a roomier-than-average new camera bag, and several iterations of a new oversized hardware-hardened flap shoulder bag that I think will be particularly well-liked Check out the weirdest and least weird bags below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]