Love It or Leave It: Louis Vuitton Earbuds

If you’re like me, then try to let your wallets recover after the holiday season by avoiding the new arrivals sections of your favorite online shopping destinations. And while this is a tactic that used to work well for me, it’s not a plausible approach these days considering I work for a handbags and fashion blog. If you’ve been playing it safe like I would have liked, you may have missed what appeared on the Louis Vuitton website earlier this month. Folks, let me introduce you to the most extravagant pair of wireless headphones I’ve ever seen: theLouis Vuitton Horizon Monogram Headphones.

Not your average headphones, these portable wireless headphones were designed by audio specialist Master & Dynamic. They are available in 4 colors: white, black, red and striped monogram. They are designed to work with all Bluetooth-equipped devices, as well as Vuitton’s own smartwatch. The headphones are sold with a battery charger and a leather case. Interestingly, the headphones only have a 2-year warranty, despite the almost 4-figure price tag. At $995 a pair, do you love them or would you leave them?