Prada goes faux for fall (faux leather, that is)

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy in this space complaining about how designers keep trying to make fur bags happen, and usually during those rants I also wonder why more companies aren’t using faux fur for their ill-advised furry bags. . . Few designers hesitate to go for printed crocodile or python, so why not some faux mink or chinchilla? The main argument that I see people wearing real fur in outerwear is the warmth it provides, and my phone and keys certainly don’t require my bag to maintain any particular temperature.

It seems that Prada has answered my prayers, as is often the case. The brand has introduced a line of faux fur bags for Fall 2011, and not only are the prices half that of most genuine leather bags, but no cute critter had to give up their coats to make reality these designs. That’s right, I still don’t love these bags, but I dislike them less than if they were real leather and twice the price. If that makes sense.

Actually, I should amend that. I’m not mad at thePrada Mohair Garden Tote, correct, because it uses faux mohair that is short enough that the underlying bag structure is not completely lost. And that’s my biggest gripe with leather bags: material almost always trumps shape. The combination of a short fur and simple shape prevents that from happening with this bag, which is why it gets my provisional seal of approval. You know, if you are looking for a leather bag.

ThePrada Eco Pelliccia Faux Fur WristletIt’s not bad either, if only because a bag like that doesn’t necessarily lose anything if it looks like a puff pastry ball. It’s small and structureless, making up for a multitude of normal skin sins. The only stinky of the three isPrada Mongolia Garden tote bag, which uses faux fur that is too stringy and long to be really attractive on a bag. But still, with all three designs sporting three-figure price tags, I can’t complain too much. If you’ve been waiting for a leather bag, this is the way to go.

Prada Mohair Faux Fur Garden Tote, $995 via Saks.

Prada Eco Pelliccia Faux Fur Wristlet, $370 via Saks.

Prada Eco Mongolia Faux Fur Garden Tote, $995 via Saks.