Take a look at Celine’s bags for spring and summer 2012

No matter where I go in New York or who I talk to, once people find out what I do, almost everyone asks me if I know where they can get a Celine bag, what I think of the Celine bag I want to buy, and if I have any. a Celine bag myself. As we’ve pointed out at BagThatStyle, it seems like a new celeb shows up with one every day, and judging by the long pre-order lists in stores, none of the Celine hysteria is going to abate anytime soon.

Even archival photos of Celine’s bags can be difficult to gather in one place; stores don’t sell the brand on their websites, so product names and prices are often hearsay at best. However, what we have here is the best collection ofCéline Spring and Summer 2012(Celine divides the season into two separate product groups) bags we could find. If you have more to add, please let us know. If not, enjoy the almost 60 photos of the Phoebe Philo beauty after the jump.

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